Responding to your own design brief

– Interpret the brief. Even though it is self created, how do you feel about it? what are you thinking of doing and why are you thinking of doing that? Everyone will interpret that brief differently so how is your interpretation unique?

– Identify the specifications for the design brief. Who is the target audience? Make a clear identification as to what the brief is asking in order to make design decisions that will help your design process.

– Make sure to research a range of aspects around the briefs point. Initial research has to be initial, so later on it will also evolve and develop further.

– Explore and develop the design concept after the starting research has been concluded.

– Experimentation and Exploration should be done in response to the found research. Use this to generate initial ideas.

– Get feedback consistently on your work in relation to the target audience. Use this feedback to develop your concept ideas even further.

– Reflect on your work. Why have you chosen to do this in certain ways?

– Decide on your concept and prepare to develop these ideas even further.

– Research should always be the pinnacle point of evolution within your work. How is your research impacting your work?

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