Things to think about when creating a design brief

Creating your own brief –

– What is the end goal of this project, What are you trying to achieve?

– How are you going to communicate this? – Think about visual communication and the end deliverables.

– Also what are you trying to communicate?

– Who is the target audience?

– Why are you trying to target that specific audience? Are you trying to reach a specific result by targeting this specify audience?

– Things to consider would be the age, culture, background, profession, geography, views lifestyle etc etc.

– How are the visuals going to be created? Is it a case of photo-manipulation or your own use of photography? Do you combine photography and Graphic design elements? Also what is the focus?

– How is the design going to be displayed? Think about a range of aspects such as paper stock, printers, etc etc.

– What form does the final design come in? why are you choosing this format? How do your target audience respond and react to this format.

– Think about the time and scope of this project. Will you have enough time to fully complete it to the best possible standard?

– How will it be displayed on exhibition day? Will it be relatable to the work created?

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